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I am a French photographer and designer. I grew up in Paris where I studied art in Paris 8 university. There, I joined the comics class founded in the seventies by Jean Giraud (aka Möbius) and was taught by the man I consider my mentor: Jean Louis Chazelas. Soon, I joined the university’s comic magazine, where I discovered what working in a professional context was and learnt about working with printers. Thanks to that, I signed my first contract as a colorist. In 2009, as a designer, I received a request from a client and I had to work with a photographer. That was my trigger: I wanted to be in control of 100% of the process.
Since then I am just trying to destroy the world by capturing it on the sensor of my cameras. That disappearance of weight, mass, density... which gives us what our time gives the most credit: an “image".